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This website is intended for people and professionals wanting to know more about personal healing and growth following a disability. Far too often, disability has been perceived and described as a negative event but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially given the fact that many learn to view their situation in a much more positive light. Positive coping following disability means that people learn to deal with, move past, and rise above their situation so they can strive to create the life they seek.

Dr. Stuntzner is an Assistant Professor at University of Idaho – Coeur d’Alene in the Rehabilitation Counseling and Human Services Program. She is devoted to helping people and professionals understand the experience of disability from a holistic perspective and to assist them in learning more about the positive side of life following disability and in creating the best life possible.

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  • Educate others about the abilities of persons with disabilities and to assist persons with disabilities in coping well and in creating the life they seek.
  • Share accurate and useful information through speaking engagements which may include staff, employee, and business training sessions.
  • Write and conduct research as it relates to the exploration and promotion of positive coping following disability.
  • Disperse information about research or articles pertaining to positive coping, forgiveness, compassion and self-compassion, and resilience following disability.


  • "Dr. Stuntzner is a leading expert in the field of rehabilitation counseling. Her presentation is thought provoking and informative. This event is a must attend for all practitioners who work with individuals with disability."

    Karla Felske, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist,
    Milwaukee, WI

  • "I deeply appreciate your references to God and 'blessings' - forgiveness, something losing ground in our society.....The chapter on putting theory into practice is awesome!"

    Bryan Maughan, Ph.D. |Program Director, Professional Practices Doctoral (PPD)-Ed.D.,
    University of Idaho

  • "Dr. Stuntzner's book, 'Living with a Disability: Finding Peace Amidst the Storm’ provides an excellent frame for those dealing with a disability. Dr. Stuntzner's account is a brilliant example of how living with a disability is less about what one cannot do but what one can."

    Karla Felske, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist,
    Milwaukee, WI

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