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September 29, 2019 | Written by Susan

Professionals interested in learning about the resilience and forgiveness interventions while earning CEUS may enroll in the online self-study program, “Resilience, Forgiveness and Disability: Interventions to Promote Positive Coping in Persons with Disabilities.” Professionals who complete the online self-study earn 13 CE hours. Contact me directly for more information.  


September 28, 2019 | Written by Susan

Two interventions are available for professionals to purchase and use with the people they serve. One is a 10 module resilience intervention that teaches people resilience-based skills and contains exercises to help them apply resilience to their everyday lives and specific set of circumstances. The second one is a 7 module forgiveness intervention designed to […]


September 27, 2019 | Written by Susan

People and professionals interested in learning more about disability and strategies they can use to in their personal and/or professional life are encouraged to check out the books listed on this website. Each of these books provide people with some insight into the experience of disability as well as strategies and ideas they can use […]

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