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In a professional capacity, I am devoted and committed to educating others (i.e, oneself, families, businesses, and society) about the abilities of persons with disabilities and to assisting persons with disabilities in coping well and in creating the life they seek. I believe, wholeheartedly, that difficult and challenging experiences, which may include the presence of disability, present an opportunity for personal enlightenment, growth, and development and can be a catalyst for internal healing and for positive societal change. Yet, sometimes, it may be a while for some to see this, especially when the experience of disability is very personal.

For this reason, the website is devoted to share with others living with a disability, professionals, and scholars information which may be of interest and value when living with a disability, learning more about the experience of disability, or when working with others either in a(n) direct or indirect manner. Information may be shared through:

In my work with others, I focus on viewing people in holistic manner and from a strength-based perspective. I am committed to exploring, discussing, and promoting work and information related to helping persons with disabilities cope in a positive and resilient manner. While my interests are primarily focused on coping and adaptation to disability and on improving the lives of persons with disabilities, my research is particularly focused on forgiveness, compassion and self-compassion, resiliency, and coping interventions and approaches as they relate to disability. People interested in learning more, collaborating on research, or desiring to receive training at their place of business may contact me regarding availability.

Books on Living with a Disability

Living with a Disability: Finding Peace Amidst the Storm

Publisher: Counseling Association of India

Life is an experience filled with many twists and turns. While some may be predictable, others are not. The experience of living with a disability is not one society readily discusses or prepares people for very well. As a result, life following disability can feel ambiguous, confusing, or even unjust. Compounding this situation is the reality that life changes so quickly and people may be unsure of how to help themselves. For this reason, this book was written and can be used as a guide or a place in which persons with disabilities can safely explore some of their experiences. It may also be a resource useful for loved ones and professionals in understanding some of the experiences that occur following disability and in learning more about strategies and approaches for dealing with such experiences. People interested in reading more about the book or purchasing it may locate it on Amazon.com at: https://www.amazon.com/Living-Disability-Finding-Peace-Amidst-ebook

Reflections from the Past: Life Lessons for Better Living

Publisher:Counseling Association of India

Resilience is a skill useful to all people, especially when they encounter sudden, life changing, or difficult situations. It is a part of life which has a lot of relevance to the needs of and experiences sometimes encountered by persons with disabilities. Yet, to date, very little is known about resilience or how people learn to face and move past challenging life events such as disability. Regardless of a person’s situation, resilience is something which can be learned or enhanced. Much of this book is devoted to the exploration of skills and lessons learned while living with a disability which have be used and can be cultivated or refined. It is a means through which people and professionals can discover which skills relate to them or to those they work with following disability. People interested in reading more about the book or purchasing it may locate it on Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/REFLECTIONS-LESSONS-FOR-BETTER-LIVING-ebook

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